Road Videos

LOST ON A MOUNTAIN – Footage from a road trip on US Route 395 during a winter snow storm in 2012. The snowfall eventually led to total white-out conditions. It seemed to fit the song, “Lost On A Mountain.”


DRIVING ON THE CEILING – Experiment using a video camera in a car at night. I flipped the image upside down just to see what it would look like. Then I composed a simple soundtrack.


TERMINAL ISLAND – Video test to see how a bumper-mounted camera works. Terminal Island was picked because several friends asked about this particular stretch of road. It is very popular for chase scenes in numerous movies.


700 MPH – First YouTube video I ever posted back in 2008. It was a test to see how YouTube worked. I posted it and then forgot about it as I moved on to my main focus of making music videos. Then in October, 2011 something happened and the video started attracting up to 7,000 visitors per day. It’s a mystery why. Viewers have tapered off a bit, but the total YouTube count for this video is now at 711,000. Go figure.


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