Photo History

Photographs both past and present.

Leaning against a classic, October 2015

2015 – Leaning against a classic (unfortunately, not mine)

Jan Edward Vogels, pink guitar

2013 – There comes a moment when you need your first pink guitar.

jan edward vogels, Takamine, Canon EOS

2012 – My favorite pastime, playing in the dark.

Jan Edward Vogels

2007 – First notes on a new guitar.

Federico Ramos, Eduardo Del Signore, Jan Edward Vogels

2007 – Federico Ramos, Eduardo Del Signore and me in a private concert.

Jan Edward Vogels

2006 – Music appreciation with Violetta.

Jan Edward Vogels, Snow Creek Ranch

1999 – Recording at Snow Creek Ranch.

Roland SH-1000, Fender Rhodes 88, Jan Edward Vogels, Fuzz Face, Countryman Phase Shifter 968

1978 – My Roland SH-1000 and Fender Rhodes 88. Should have kept them both, but, back then, who knew?

Dan Mantel, Ford Econoline, Jan Edward Vogels

1977 – Rehearsing with Dan Mantel somewhere in the High Sierras. On our way to a gig in Oregon.

Dan Mantel, High Sierra

1977 – Dan Mantel, holding a sheet of ice, plucked from a river in the High Sierras

Dan Mantel, Jan Edward Vogels

1976 – Dan Mantel is a multi-instrumentalist, triple threat. We had some amazing musical adventures together.

Tascam Series 70-8, Jan Edward Vogels

1975 – My first home studio. Tascam reel-to-reel 1/2 inch 8-track. Size of a small refrigerator.

Ron Cantara, Jan Edward Vogels

1974 – With my songwriting partner, Ron Cantara. We had several years of music-making magic.

Jan Edward Vogels, Steinway Model M, Long Beach

1972 – Playing the Steinway piano given to me by my grandparents