Dog Photo Page

All about the dog (in my life). Her name is Java.

Devo, Java, Funny dog, Canon EOS

Are We Not Dogs?

iPad art, iPad painting

Java as objet d’art.

iPad, iPad art

100 year old photograph I took of Java this morning with my iPad.

Jurassic Park, raptor, Rousseau

Java pretending she is in a Rousseau painting (or she’s reenacting the raptor scene from Jurassic Park).

jumping dog, Canon EOS

Java Jumps for Joy.

lazy dog, yawning dog, Canon EOS

Lazy in the grass with favorite stuffed toy.

Java Buzzed By Fly And Airplane (Video. Click to play.)

alert dog, Canon EOS

You mean me?

dog tongue, Canon EOS

Java says, “Can you do this?”

dog in the sun, Canon EOS

Sun tracking dog.

cat painting, dog and cat, cat mural, Canon EOS

It’s a cat. It’s a mural. It’s a cat. It’s a mural.

angry cat. cat and dog, Canon EOS

What is this cat saying?

angry cat, cat and dog, Canon EOS

I just figured it out. Gotta be going.