Friends (inactive page)

Federico Ramos – Wonderful guitarist. Five Fedes perform his composition in this video we made, Fede Takes Five.

Cecilia Martinez-Gil – My “sister” who recently published her award-winning collection of poetry.

Steve Hackett – I knew him when Steve was 19 and I was 20. Way back when, I made two 8mm home movies, using him as a subject, which Steve has posted on his site: Steve Hackett In The Park and Steve Swallows His Harmonica.

Eduardo Del Signore – A good friend and bassist/arranger extraordinaire. He helped produce several pieces on my album “The Swimming Pool.”

Christie Lifosjoe – Gifted painter and graphics designer. Her paint adorns my face in several of the videos and in the “header” images at the top of this page.

Scarlet Rivera – A dear friend and superb violinist. She continues to concertize around the globe.

Tony Bray – Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. Now Austin, Texas based, he continues to create amazing new works and plays a LOT of gigs.

Jim Bybee – He moved to the great NorthWest where his acoustic guitar work and compositions have grown as tall as the redwoods.

Igor Len – World musician extraordinaire, now living and working in Southern California he makes very, very cool music.



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